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With expenditures rapidly increasing, we are committed to decreasing your costs. 

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Therapeutic Interchanges

Our pharmacists are able to easily recognize therapeutic interchange and duplicate therapy. When found, our clinical pharmacists consult with physicians and potentially eliminate unnecessary drugs, resulting in lower costs and better patient care. 


Non-Covered Medications

If a resident's plan does not cover or denies coverage for a necessary drug, we will help you with the appeal process by spearheading the authorization, making it easy for your staff to follow the approval timeline. If the medication remains in denial we find a therapeutic interchange.

Pre-Admit Assessment

We are dedicated to providing safe and cost-efficient care. Prior to admission, our pharmacists evaluate resident medication regimens. During this evaluation, we check for duplicate therapy, interactions, and cost-saving therapeutic interchanges.  

Regulatory Compliance

Our consultant pharmacists are constantly working to assist our partners with the ongoing demands of CMS regulations. Whether it be through survey preparedness audits, medication regimen reviews or QA processes, our highly trained consultant pharmacists are always available.

Part D Evaluation

When it comes to medicare part D coverage, various rules apply to different types of facilities. Our staff is highly skilled at navigating these complex systems. From changing Part D plans, enrollment questions, or Part A coverage, we will assist with the end goal being lower prescription costs. 

Going Generic

With a generic dispensing rate of 90% we can guarantee that we will save your facility and residents money with simple yet cost effective substitutions. 

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